DeMorais International, a trade-focused firm, was established to share a highly curated collection of distinguished and unique pieces within the design community. We are a conglomerate encompassing eight luxury brands which strives to exceed your expectations. Through the BeSpoke platform, you are given an opportunity to implement your creative ideas and designedly influence your product’s result.

The exclusive portfolio of brands found within DeMorais International are distinctive in their style as they are in their allure. The brands we represent are synonymous with design, nobility, craftsmanship, and excellence. DeMorais International consists of the following luxury brands: Brabbu, Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, Miyabi Casa, Alex Turco, MyFace, Maison Valentina and KOKET (Sister Company).

DeMorais offers a large scope of products in the following sectors:
Furnishings, Lighting, Soft Goods/Textiles, Art, and Fur Throws/Custom Rugs

To simply state, the logistical and language barriers that are encountered when ordering from overseas are avoided; all inquiries, quotes and orders are processed through our offices in the USA, ensuring prompt and detailed attention. However, we are not merely a distributer, but also a consulting company. As a firm, we understand the importance and difficulty that can occur when attempting to obtain such premier pieces. Therefore, backed by a talented team of product specialists and interior designers, we strive to make sure that from the moment you fall in love with one of our pieces, it is fashioned and presented in an impeccable and timely manner.

We take the frustration out of the international ordering process, and leave you to simply enjoy your luxurious masterpiece.

All BeSpoke Inquiries and Projects should be discussed and executed through the product specialist allocated to the designated brand. Please note, with custom pieces, the time to process a request does take approximately 3-5 business days (sometimes longer). Once an inquiry has been made, your product specialist articulates your vision to the design team. At that time, they begin sketching and collaborating on the logistics of the production of your piece. Once this has been determined, your product specialist will then relay the specifications to you with respect to upcharge costs, lead times, materials needed, etc…. It is important to know that a standard $250 fee is charged on any custom piece requiring drawings or new prototypes to be made.
Additionally, a minimum of 20% over the retail cost will be added to the overall balance. Lead times tend to be longer on custom pieces and do vary per project. Delays are always a possibility in any project, due to unforeseen material shortages, production delays, or other circumstances. These conditions should be factored into your project budget and time line, as well as openly discussed with your representative.


DeMorais offers bespoke pieces in the interiors sector as well as the fashion sector. Our bespoke studio provides you with the distinctive opportunity to personally collaborate with our product designers on every step of the design process to create a unique piece.

Our Product Specialist within DeMorais International not only develops relationships with their personal brand(s) but more importantly with their clients. They learn the inner workings of how each piece is made, where it was crafted and what materials were used. They familiarize themselves with the company history, understanding the inspirations behind the different elements and the passion behind the designers.

Many of the items in our collections can be customized or altered. Feel free to contact a Product Specialist for a bespoke consultation. The possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours.