Hendrix Chandelier  Delightfull Love Happens
Hendrix Chandelier  Delightfull Love Happens

Hendrix Chandelier by Delightfull

Inspired by the millions of vinyl records sold by the famous american guitarist, DelightFULL has created this elegant gold plated luminaire. Proof that high-quality craftsmanship and ancient know-how can create stunning lighting fixtures, Hendrix chandelier has come to revolutionize the mid-century lighting design world. Its simple geometry was designed to ensure that all the five gold-plated brass tiers are struck by the rays of light in the same angle, creating a glare free illumination. The light is pushed downward in the funnel, where it is then dispersed, leaving a soft glow directly under it at the same time it bounces back some of the lighting power upward on the dome. This ensures the creation of a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a mid-century living room decor, or even a more contemporary entryway.

Body: Brass

Dia. 69cm | 27.2'' H 50cm | 19.7''

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