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Unveil Mirror by InsidherLand

A person’s Identity isn’t an immediate perception but, instead, it has to be unveiled. It is fed by external influences and watered by deep feelings and experiences that can be exalted or just kept as a treasure inside one’s heart.
The Unveil mirror portraits the unknowns of human Identity. The simple frame in brushed brass with round corners means that first look to someone, when, sometimes, we wrongly believe that we already have seen it all. However, we only see what’s allowed for us to capture and so, a small fragment of a more complex formation. Only a more closely observation can amaze us with precious details that weren’t right away revealed on a first sight.
When we get interested to get closer to the Unveil mirror, we certainly discover new perspectives that will enlighten us. This surprise factor is interpreted by a continuous border in walnut veneer with thousands of natural wood veins to admire. They not only contrast with the quiet golden frame but actually remain hidden behind it. Because sometimes it’s worth to unveil one’s true Identity.

Wood: Other veneers, natural or aged gold/silver/copper leaf or lacquered in any Ral Classic color. Metal frame: polished, brushed, oxidized brushed or aged brushed brass/copper/steel.

Height. 75cm | 29,53’’
Width. 150cm | 59,05’’
Depth. 7cm | 2,75’’