Heritage  Sideboard  Boca Do Lobo Love HappensHeritage  Sideboard  Boca Do Lobo Love Happens
Heritage  Sideboard  Boca Do Lobo Love Happens

Heritage Sideboard by Boca Do Lobo

After a huge success with Heritage Cabinet and its tribute to the hand painted tiles of Portuguese history, Boca do Lobo, Limited Edition now presents a Heritage Sideboard. This Heritage sideboard version presents you a different number of layers, where each one tells you a different story. A Heritage of different centuries gathered in a single final panel. In the different layers you will find different tile paintings inspired in different periods of Portuguese history, taken from different historic buildings like convents or old colleges. Inside this sideboard you will find a golden interior that will make you remember the historical buildings referred before, which normally presented interiors with a lot of ornaments and gold. With Heritage Sideboard tales still come with tiles.

Sideboard lined with hand painted tiles. In its interior there is one door and four drawers fully lined with gold leaf. Contains two shelves made in bronze glass.

W 162cm | 62.9'' H 90cm | 35.4'' D. 50cm | 16.7

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