Melrose Dressing Table  Boca Do Lobo Love HappensMelrose Dressing Table  Boca Do Lobo Love Happens
Melrose Dressing Table  Boca Do Lobo Love Happens

Melrose Dressing Table by Boca Do Lobo

The Melrose dressing table is a materialized return of feminine refuge. With seductive lines and incredible details, the Melrose reflects Boca do Lobo’s core design values and ethos, where classic design traits are re-interpreted with a unique and contemporary touch. In a unique combination of design styles and aesthetics, the Melrose is a highly decorative piece brings finesse and charm to the dressing room.

The base is composed by mahogany. The box is made by tempered glass with a frontal opening for the drawers. The structure is made in wood lacquered in black with a high gloss varnish; the drawers are handcrafted and contain wadding and a grey mirror. Handles are made through foundry process. Melrose’s top contains a hole to set an oval mirror that lets you adjust the viewing angle while rotating around a vertical axis, allowing a rotation of 360º.

W 118 cm | 46.5'' H 147 cm | 57.9'' D. 46 cm | 18.1

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