Symphony Cabinet  Boca do lobo Love Happens
Symphony Cabinet  Boca do lobo Love Happens

Symphony Cabinet by Boca do lobo

The Symphony Cabinet is inspired by the movement and evolution of music, from the natural flow of sound, to it’s various epochs and styles. Re-interpreting key design elements found in church organs, violins and the details of brass instruments , the Symphony Cabinet seeks to move and stir emotion much like a musical composition. Handcrafted from the finest materials, with a vision and aesthetic achieved by our designers and craftsmen alone, the Symphony Cabinet is a quintessential piece of pure elegance and style.

Covered by a tubular structure in gold pated brass, the Cabinet's interior is finished in Rosewood, with two shelves and a set of drawers also finished in rosewood and gold-leaf.

W 85 cm | 33.5'' H 202 cm | 79.5'' D. 45 cm | 17.7

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