Warao Rug Brabbu Love HappensWarao Rug Brabbu Love Happens
Warao Rug Brabbu Love Happens

Warao Rug byBrabbu

Warao means “the boat people” and it’s the name of an indigenous people from northeastern Venezuela and western Guyana with a lifelong and intimate connection with water. This faithful relation to water is also brought to you with WARAO hand-tufted rug. With iss shades of blue and its lines resembling river courses, WARAO rug brings the close connection between man and nature into any modern home décor. Simple and peaceful, like the Warao people, this hand-tufted rug is the kind of rug that ties together all yourliving room furniture.

W 300 cm | 118,1'' H 200 cm | 78,7''